Ritika Pathak is most younger  businesswoman and who is the co-owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her IT and Manpower Industry and Education Sectors.Ritika Pathak is a young enterpreneur, specializing in recruitment services for entry level, middle level as well as top-level executives and a firm distinguished by superior client service not only in India but other countries too.     

She Offers one of the most comprehensive approaches to recruitment, selection and evaluation across the nation. Her extensive knowledge in the human resource field, coupled with our expert team of consultants and deep reach into specific industries for only the most qualified and talented candidates.Sayings ,

“Even being an IT specialist, my knowledge, experience and interests include business, engineerings, administration, entrepreneurship, quality assurance, best practices, operations and processes.”

She is presenting her  IT firms and Others manpower recruitment Firms from some years and learned with clients and leadership of teams, how important is to emphasize on the IT applications, rather than treat it as a core activity, making the complexities of IT imperceptible to customers .As She Says ,


Personal Life & Legacy

Ritika Pathak is a very private person and likes to avoid the limelight. He is also particular about guarding the privacy of his family. She is Single and a fit woman who you find extremely attractive and interesting.


Her vast industry experience and exposure allows her to service individual needs of all clients to their satisfaction. Her innovative and flexible approach ensures that our services are specific to the individual needs of our clients. She  have an experienced team comprising of highly qualified professionals, who are trained to screen and shortlist the right profiles for customized needs of clients.Committed to delivering tangible value and benefits, Er Ritika Pathak works with her clients to help them deliver their objectives and goals. Her expertise in staffing and recruiting services, help all organizations  in providing the right people, skills, solutions and technologies to meet the individual needs of her clients every time.

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