Analyze Your clients

Analyze The Clients

As, when we usually talk about or client in the business, its directly means to our Customer as well.A client is for whom we are creating something to represent our business goods.Clients and customers are that personalities who usually buy the projects or products services that we supply to them.


Er Ritika (R Square)

We can distinguish our clients in three specific manners:-

Client :-         A client mainly deals with the professional services

Customer :-   A customer deals with goods and services

Consumer :-  A consumer deals with good and services only for personal uses only.



We always have to keep this thing in mind that our client ll be that who understand what we are representing to them in a short slice of time . Don’t waste time ever for unnecessary people , Just shortlist your clients with categories that you want to support in your business and then start to deal with them , That ll help us in creating some new thoughts and improvement in our business.


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