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If you want to try a business with huge potential, then the R Square Manpower Agency business is for you. The service you will be marketing is the skill and labour of our workforce of which there is more than an abundant supply in our country.

R Square

(R Square) ER Ritika Pathak

However, that the kind of workers needed is rapidly changing. Now more and more of the job orders abroad are for those with professional training like nurses, engineers, and teachers. Lower wage countries like India are taking over more of our traditional markets for low cost labour.
About R Square
R square is a Recruiter and IT organization offering a wide range of services including Recruitment Agency and IT firm. We have emerged as a consultancy in the market rendering unmatched quality Placement Consultants Agencies. Since the R Square inception, our company has only treaded forward with accelerated progression and continuous technological improvements. Through our dedicated efforts and peerless dedication, we have been able to cover various mile stones. We are aiming high and looking forward to set up the benchmark for our competitors.
How Do We Work
We are in the field of R Square manpower solutions for last 8 years and have ‘acquired expertise’ in providing quality service to the satisfaction of our valued customers. We have a team of ‘highly experienced professionals’ and our mission is to provide top class services to our esteemed customers. Our focus is on analyzing and understanding the clients need and to provide them affordable solutions.
Profiles in which R Square provide manpower:-
*All Types of engineering
*Office Staff
*Security Services
*Real Estate
*Information Technology
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