Organizing In-house Training Programs

Organizing In-house Training Programs


R Square provides organizing in house weeklydays training program is the Diploma and as it helps engineers in making proper Skill set that required getting a job. There are many types of courses provides by R Square in house training.
Computer programming
Database and data analytics
Online marketing
Web designing
Project and program management


Tied with good universities

R Square certificate programs are affilated and taught by industry experts who know what you need to succeed.
In house training
The in house training is short term training. R Square provides in house training with live projects. Students will get training with real time environment and they will work with repetitive companies.
Opportunities of participations in various trainings

Whether you are looking for leadership development, strategic planning and development, we have customized solutions to meet your business performance needs.  Our services are followed through with detailed reports and consultation to ensure successful implementation, alignment, monitoring and review mechanisms.

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