Organizing In-house Training Programs

Organizing In-house Training Programs   R Square provides organizing in house weeklydays training program is the Diploma and B.tech as it helps engineers in making proper Skill set that required getting a job. There are many types of courses provides by R Square in house training. Computer programming Database and data analytics Online marketing Web Read more about Organizing In-house Training Programs[…]



Event Planning Training Programs :- R Square Event planning courses are typically available through programs in event management, event planning, and meeting planning. These are offered as a part of programs ranging from the certificate to the master’s degree level. Continue reading for information on event planning courses and training programs. Common concepts taught in Read more about EVENT PLANNING TRAINING PROGRAMS[…]


IT Company

IT BUSINESS FIRM R Square have its IT(Information Technology) business firms , which have a leading presence in the strong-growing IT firm create IT solutions that empower companies to focus on, and enhance their core businesses.   Web Design & Development Being an expert in the web development industry, R Suare offers a wide range Read more about IT Company[…]


Analysis Of Business

  BUSINESS SUCCESS The financial rewards that come from being successful in business are of course important to many entrepreneurs, and are key factors in motivating them to work hard and take tremendous risks. But if success can be defined as the feelings of satisfaction and completion you have when your business career is over, Read more about Analysis Of Business[…]


Analyze Your clients

Analyze The Clients As, when we usually talk about or client in the business, its directly means to our Customer as well.A client is for whom we are creating something to represent our business goods.Clients and customers are that personalities who usually buy the projects or products services that we supply to them. We can Read more about Analyze Your clients[…]

ER Ritika (R Square)

Online Marketers in Chandigarh

R Square is one of the best online marketers in India , as presently working with the market of Chandigarh .It deals with the various of case studies¬† about business promotions as well as in India and various countries. PERFORMANCE :- To connect with R – Sqaure is the best opportunity to get real world Read more about Online Marketers in Chandigarh[…]